Active Field Indicator (Experimental)

This is an experimental feature, and the API is subject to change. We don't yet suggest using this for production use-cases. Have any thoughts? Let us know in the chat, or through the GitHub discussion!

Try it out

To enable Active field indication you will need to add the data-tinafield to your client code that is powered by Tina. The data-tinafield will need to match the field name you provided in your schema. Below is an example:

Schema Code

export default defineSchema({
  collections: [
      label: "Blog Posts",
      name: "posts",
      path: "content/posts",
      format: "mdx",
      fields: [
          type: "string",
          label: "Title",
          name: "title",
          type: "rich-text",
          label: "Body",
          name: "_body",
          templates: []

Client Code

<h2 data-tinafield="title">

Active Field Indicator

Last Edited: November 6, 2021