Next Steps

At this point, we've bootstrapped Tina into the Next.js blog starter. We were able to do so by making a few small modifications:

  1. Added client-side content transformation to the Post component
  2. Wrapped the site in the Tina provider
  3. Created a form to edit some values in the Post component

This guide is intended to get you started with the frontend components of TinaCMS, but to make a fully-functional CMS there is a little more setup to do.

Add More Fields

Our simplified example only exposes the title and post body to the Tina form. Take a look at our fields documentation and try adding fields for the rest of the post data in the blog demo.

Saving Content

Now that you understand the basics of working with TinaCMS on a Next.js site, the question becomes - where do I save my content?

Introducing the TinaCMS Backend 🚀

We have recently released a Tina friendly backend to work seamlessly with our frontend libraries. This Tina backend is our hosted service designed to make Git-based content management more powerful and accessible for cross-functional teams.

Learn more about it here