Next Steps


You now have knowledge of how TinaCMS works, how to use it with our GraphQL content-api, how to deploy and connect to Tina Cloud. This is a basic usage of TinaCMS + Tina Cloud, below are some ideas on how you could improve this futher!

Add Media Management Support Via Cloudinary

One powerful feature that TinaCMS has, is media management, it allows content creators to upload, swap and delete media assets for a page and see the changes immediately. We use Cloudinary to handle this and you can read about how to set it up in our documentation.

You can then update the schema.ts for the Cover Image to use image, instead of a string.

Add the ability to add a new page.

It's great that we can edit pages, but what if we wanted our content team to create new blog posts? Tina provides useDocumentCreatorPlugin which gives you the ability to add new pages in a safe manner. The implementation is lightweight and can provide great flexibity to a site.

Use Date picker

We also provide a date picker to give a rich experience to select the date and time. This would allow content creators to edit a post and update the Date and Time with a few clicks, versus typing it in the correct format. You can find out how to add this using our schema documentation.

Last Edited: July 30, 2021