Tina is very flexible & extendable, so any Tina site may have a unique experience. Here we'll document the out-of-the-box approach that most of our starters use.

Entering Edit-mode

When Tina is initialized on a NextJS site, a "/admin" page is created to allow editors to login.

Note: For demo purposes, some of our starters show a "Edit with Tina" link to the "/admin". This can be removed on production sites.


On the "/admin" page, you will see a "Log In" button.

Note: When working in local-mode, you will not actually need to log in. In production-mode, only authorized users will be able to enter edit-mode on your site.


Clicking "Log in" will put the user in "edit-mode" and take you back to the homepage.

Editing the content

Once in edit-mode, you should see a little pencil icon in the bottom left corner.

Try clicking it and making some changes to the content!


Once you hit "Save Changes"..

  • In "Local Mode", any changes that you make will be saved to the local Markdown/JSON files.


  • In "Production Mode", any changes that you make will be committed to the GitHub repository.

What's next?

There's plenty to do to customize your editing experience. We suggest:

Last Edited: December 3, 2021