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The color field is a visual color picker. This field is used for content values that handle the rendering of color. Can be saved as RGB or hex value.

There are two types of color widgets, "sketch" or "block". The "sketch" widget allows the editor to pick a color from the familiar picker seen below.


The "block" widget allows the editor to choose from a set of predefined color swatches.



interface ColorConfig {
  component: 'color'
  name: string
  label?: string
  description?: string
  colorFormat?: 'hex' | 'rgb' // Defaults to "hex"
  colors?: string[]
  widget?: 'sketch' | 'block' // Defaults to "sketch"
componentThe name of the plugin component. Always 'color'.
nameThe path to some value in the data being edited.
labelA human readable label for the field. Defaults to the name. (Optional)
descriptionDescription that expands on the purpose of the field or prompts a specific action. (Optional)
colorFormatSpecify whether you want the color value to be a hexadecimal ('hex') or RBG value. (Optional)
colorsAn array of 'swatch' values that will either display as options below the "sketch" widget, or will serve as swatch options for the "block" widget. If no colors are passed, a set of default colors will render, ROYGBIV style. (Optional)
widgetAn optional string indicating whether the "sketch" or "block" widget should render. This will default to "sketch" if no value is passed. (Optional)

This interfaces only shows the keys unique to the color field.

Visit the Field Config docs for a complete list of options.


Below is an example of how a color field could be defined in a Gatsby remark form. Read more on passing in form field options here.

const BlogPostForm = {
  fields: [
      name: 'rawFrontmatter.background_color',
      component: 'color',
      label: 'Background Color',
      description: 'Edit the page background color here',
      colorFormat: 'hex',
      colors: ['#EC4815', '#241748', '#B4F4E0', '#E6FAF8'],
      widget: 'sketch',
    // ...