Contribution Guidelines

The following is a set of guidelines and tips for contributing to the TinaCMS and its packages. Please also reference this doc for the latest info on contributing.

If you have questions or need help, please post it on the Forum.

How to Contribute

Contributing Code

Read the set-up guide to get started developing on Tina locally.

Making Commits

TinaCMS uses Conventional Commits to generate CHANGELOG entries. Please make sure your commits follow this convention.

Creating Packages

Packages in Tina are organized according to their name

TypeNaming ConventionExample Path
Internal packages@tinacms/*@tinacms/core
Node API extensions@tinacms/api-*@tinacms/api-git
React specific packagesreact-tinacms-*react-tinacms-remark
Gastby pluginsgatsby-tinacms-*gatsby-tinacms-json
NextJS packagenext-tinacms-*next-tinacms-markdown
Demo Projectsdemo-*demo-gatsby