Content Management With Tina

Tina's content management APIs are designed to give you an easy, flexible way to control how content is sourced, modified, and persisted.

The CMS Object

The CMS object is the "command center" in a TinaCMS implementation. It's your main access point for controlling other parts of Tina.

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Tina's Forms are used to connect editing controls to content.

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Tina includes several Fields that define different editing controls that can be used in Forms. There are many included field types, and custom field types are easy to create and hook in to the CMS.

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Creating Content

Because Tina is designed to provide an editing interface directly on a content-generated page, creating new content items is not as straight-forward as a traditional CMS.

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Tina's unopinionated Media Manager lets you control how Media is handled, and gives you the option to integrate your favorite Digital Asset Manager.

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Working With External APIs

Any third-party APIs you need to interact with can be registered to the CMS object for easy access in different contexts.

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