External APIs

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APIs in the CMS are objects intended to communicate with third-party services. Unlike Plugins, which can modify the behavior of the CMS, APIs do not interact with Tina's UI or internals. APIs allow you to achieve Dependency Injection with Tina.

Adding an API

Whereas Plugins can include multiple objects grouped under a single type, each API registered to the CMS has its own namespace.

Call cms.registerApi(namespace, api) to add an API:

import { TinaCMS } from 'tinacms'

class HelloApi {
  sayHello() {
    alert('Hello, world!')

const cms = new TinaCMS({ enabled: true })
cms.registerApi('hello', new HelloApi())

Unlike Plugins, APIs should be registered when the CMS is instantiated, and never removed.

Using an API

Access your API directly from the cms.api object, via the namespace you registered it to.

import * as React from 'react'
import { useCMS } from 'tinacms'

export function Hello() {
  const cms = useCMS()
  return <button onClick={cms.api.hello.sayHello}>Say Hello</button>