Next Steps

At this point, we've bootstrapped Tina into the Gatsby blog starter. We were able to do so by making a few small modifications:

  1. Added gatsby-plugin-tinacms to our blog starter.
  2. Created a form to edit some values in the Post template.

This guide is intended as a jumping off point to get you started with Tina, but to make a fully-functional CMS there is a little more work to do.

Set up a backend to persist content changes

Checkout the Using a Git Backend guide to learn more.

Add More Fields

Our simplified example only exposes the title and post body to the Tina form. Take a look at our fields documentation and try adding fields for the rest of the post data in the blog demo.

Inline Editing

Consider creating an inline editing experience for your blog, where content is edited directly where it appears on the site instead of in the sidebar. Take a look at our inline editing docs for more information, and expect a guide on this in the near future!

Saving Content

Editing content isn't much use if you can't save it! Our onSubmit handler doesn't really do anything right now. You can look at using the gatsby-tinacms-git to edit content Markdown and JSON sourced from your repository.