TinaCMS Guides

The guides featured here will show you how to accomplish specific tasks with Tina. Guides are set up as step-by-step opportunities for learning. They are intended to introduce you to certain APIs, configurations, or workflows and provide rudimentary examples as a reference.

How To Use

Guides should help you get familiar with a particular workflow or task. Use them to learn the basics, then refer back to the documentation for support in applying general solutions for your distinct needs.

Sometimes the guides will be accompanied with a demo repository — these aren't meant to be starters, but rather a general reference or entry point.

Get support in the community forum at any point. If you see typos or outdated information, feel free to click the 'Edit This Site' button in the footer and open a PR to correct it.

Before you start any guide, it is assumed that you have worked through the Introductory Tutorial to get familiar with Tina Basics.


Guides are organized by various categories. Those in the General category use plain React (or create-react-app); the information can generally be applied to any React framework (although the implementation may look different). Guides in the Next.js and Gatsby categories contain information specific to individual framework integration.




Reference the Next.js or Gatsby Integration pages to see all of the blogs, packages, and guides specific to each framework.