TinaCMS vs Sanity: Elevate Your Experience with TinaCMS

See why TinaCMS is the preferred choice for developers and content creators alike.

Why Choose TinaCMS Over Sanity?

TinaCMS provides a seamless local development workflow, markdown support, and visual editing capabilities that set it apart from Sanity. Here's why TinaCMS might be the right fit for your project:

Markdown Support

TinaCMS's markdown support is a game changer for developers and writers. The simplicity of markdown coupled with the flexibility of TinaCMS makes content creation and management a breeze.

Visual Editing Capabilities

TinaCMS provides a live editing experience that is unmatched. This allows for real-time feedback, making content creation intuitive and interactive.

Seamless Local-Development Workflow

With TinaCMS, you can change your schema and content, and merge them in one commit. This powerful feature facilitates a seamless local development workflow.

Git-Based Content Management

TinaCMS's Git-based content management provides built-in version control for your site. This makes it perfect for open-source or closed-source projects.

No Vendor Lock-In

Avoid the pitfalls of vendor lock-in. With TinaCMS, your content is stored in a Git repository. Own your content!

Customizable and Flexible

TinaCMS is built to be customizable, empowering you to create the exact experience you want for your website.

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