Welcome to Tina's public roadmap! This is a live document, and will be updated regularly. We'll move tickets to the roadmap once we have a high degree of confidence that they will be worked on in a given time-frame. To submit an idea, or to view a list of feature requests and ideas that we're considering, check out our GitHub Discussions

Recently Released

Self-Hosted Alternative to Tina Cloud

Offering a way to self-host the Tina Cloud backend, to avoid vendor lock-in.


Document Search

Document Discoverability can be a challenge as the number of posts grow. We're looking into improving this either by providing our own search.

Released -> Tina Migration CLI Tool

When you run `@tinacms/cli init@latest init` on a site with Forestry config, we will import some defaults, as well as your front-matter-templates.


Next 3 months

Drafts / Branching

Supporting Drafts on un-published documents through a "draft: true" front-matter field.
We are also looking into some ways to better support working from separate branch deployments, for bigger sets of changes.

In Progress

Improving Media Management UX

There are several media management improvements that we have on our list (image search, support for more media types, etc). We'd like to invest some time making Tina+media more powerful for editors and developers.

In Progress

Registering Multiple Forms Per Page

The ability to register multiple forms on a page through separate useTina hooks.

Needs RFC