Open Source Telemetry

As a company and an open-source community, we want to bring everyone the best editing experience possible. To do this the best we can, we need feedback and one way to do this is through the use of telemetry. Going forward we are planning on collecting completely anonymous telemetry from our command line packages. Participating in our telemetry is anonymous, optional, and can be easily opted out.

Why collect telemetry?

Currently, the process of feedback is manual feedback through user interviews and community feedback. While this type of feedback is important, it cannot give us a big picture of how the community is interacting with our product as a whole.

What are tracking

We are tracking our create-tina-app invocations and our tinacms init invocations. Along with the innovations we will track the version of TinaCMS, Node version, OS, Yarn version. We also want to see if the features we producing are being used by the community: tinacms audit and the tinacms server:start command. Finally, we want to find out about errors quickly so we can fix them as soon as possible. When active, we will also track the errors produced by our CLI.

How to opt out

Opting-out can be done simply by adding --noTelemetry to the CLI or create-tina-app. For example,

npx create-tina-app@latest --noTelemetry
tinacms server:start --noTelemetry