Tina Cloud is in public Alpha

By James Perkins

June 2, 2021

The team at Tina is pleased to announce that Tina Cloud is officially in public Alpha. Everyone is encouraged to register a free account on our headless GitHub-backed CMS and start committing. We

Meet James Perkins, our new developer advocate

By James Perkins

May 26, 2021

👋 Hey there! My names is James Perkins and I have been working on Tina for a week now, so I think it is important that I introduce myself and tell you what to expect from myself and Tina in the

Tina Cloud and Next.js: the perfect match

By Logan Anderson & Frank Taillandier

May 13, 2021

Next.js is our default choice when it comes to managing static content, and it works perfectly with our new headless CMS Tina Cloud. We jumped on the Next.js bandwagon as soon as we realized this

The Evolution of Inline Editing

By Mitch MacKenzie & DJ Walker

May 5, 2021

Inline editing removes many usability hurdles that content editors face when working with traditionally decoupled CMS forms. Editors get to see their content changes immediately in the context of

Supercharging file-based content with GraphQL

By Jeff See

April 29, 2021

Today we want to introduce you to the Tina GraphQL gateway that brings reliability to Git-based content management. It's an essential piece to provide a robust structured content, while your content

Tina Cloud - A Headless CMS Backed by Git

By Scott Gallant

April 21, 2021

We are giving teams the ability to edit content stored in Git, but visually, in the context of their site. Just over a year ago, we announced TinaCMS, an open-source, visual editor for React-based

2021 Q1 Tina updates

By Frank Taillandier

April 14, 2021

We are regularly improving Tina to provide an effective developer experience and a unique visual content editing experience. Latest additions are the result of listening to the feedback of the

More Changes Coming to Inline Editing


January 13, 2021

It was around six months ago that we last dug deep into Tina's inline editing experience. At that time, we introduced new features and improved the UI of inline editing. Since then, there have been a

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