Tinasaurus: Edit your Docusaurus site with TinaCMS

February 27, 2023

By Scott Gallant & Scott Byrne

We're excited to share Tinasaurus, a Docusaurus starter site with support for TinaCMS.

Editing Docusaurus content with a CMS

Tinasaurus includes:

✅ Editing interface for Markdown, MDX, JSON, and YAML content
✅ Integrates with existing Git and CI/CD workflows
✅ Embeddable MDX components
✅ Media manager with support for 3rd-party media providers
✅ Edit in the cloud (no local setup needed)

Check out this 5-min overview of the project or clone the repository and take it for a spin.

Docusaurus + TinaCMS = ❤️

Tinasaurus is based off of the default, classic Docusaurus theme with some modifications to make the editing experience great. To learn how we modified this theme, see this guide.

Getting Started

To get started fork and clone the Tinasaurus repo and start creating great documentation!

Last Edited: February 27, 2023