TinaCMS V1.3.2

March 10, 2023

By James O'Halloran

TinaCMS Version 1.3.2 (and @tinacms/cli@1.3.2) improves media, adds support for special characters in field names, and some other fixes and improvements.

Using Field names with special characters (using nameOverride)

Tina now supports fields with special characters through the use of the nameOverride property.

// fields
  name: 'my_field',
  nameOverride: 'my-field',
  type: 'string'

You can also use nameOverride to use special restricted field names like id

// fields
  name: 'custom_id',
  nameOverride: 'id',
  type: 'string'

The above field will read/write to the frontmatter key id, which previously wasn't possible.

Media Manager Updates

Editors can now browse media in the media library through a grid view. A sidebar slides out to show some image metadata: filename, image URL (coming soon).

Media Grid View

Editors can also easily copy the absolute image URL from the media library.

PDF Uploads

Editors can now upload some non-image file types to the media library. When inserted into a rich-text field, files are inserted as links, while images are inserted as markdown images.

See Pull Request

Other fixes & improvements

  • fix: Improve error message when indexing hasn't finished, and build is triggered.
  • fix: When current branch doesn't exist, handle error more gracefully
  • Remove warning about TinaProvider being deprecated.
  • security: update some 3rd party dependencies
  • feat: Add docusaurus starter to create-tina-app CLI
  • fix: "Previous Directory" link in Tina MediaManager (Thanks @coreyaus)!

Last Edited: March 10, 2023