TinaCMS Version 1.4

March 24, 2023

By Logan Anderson

Today we are excited to release tinacms@1.4.0 and @tinacms/clil@1.4.0. These new versions add a match property (used for including/excluding a subset of documents), a massive update to our CLI, and various bug fixes and other improvements. The full list of changes can be found in the changeset PR.

The match property on a collection

The match property allows you to only include a subset of your documents in your collection.

For example,

import { defineConfig } from 'tinacms'
export default defineConfig({
schema: {
collections: [
path: 'content/posts',
match: {
include: '*',
format: 'md',

This will not match on subdirectories. It will match collections/posts/foo.md but not collections/posts/nested/bar.md. Check out the docs for more info.

CLI updates

The GraphQL playground is now hosted at <YourDevUrl>/admin/index.html#/graphql (It was previously on the same port as the local GraphQL server). This allows the playground to be used in production and allows us opportunity for more customization in the future.

Other Updates

Use Markdown parser by default on .md files

We are now going to use a markdown parser by default if format: 'md' is used. This means that if you are using markdown files that contain templates you will have to turn on the mdx parser on each field by doing:

type: 'rich-text',
parser: {
type: 'mdx',

New Content API endpoint

We have migrated our endpoint to a versioned endpoint. This likely does not require any action unless you are using custom data fetching. If you are using custom data fetching you will have to update the url from /content/<ClientID>/github/<branch> to /<TinaGraphQLVersion>/content/<ClientID>/github/<branch> where TinaGraphQL version is the "\<major\>.\<minor\>" version of the @tinacms/graphql package. So if you are using Tina 1.4.3, the version would be 1.4

Last Edited: March 24, 2023