TinaCMS vs Strapi

Understand why TinaCMS could be the optimal choice for your content management.

Why Choose TinaCMS Over Strapi?

TinaCMS offers unique features such as Git integration and visual editing capabilities that differentiate it from Strapi. Discover why TinaCMS might be the right fit for your project:

Git-Based Content Management

With TinaCMS, content is stored in Git, providing a robust version control system. This supports a smooth editorial workflow and is beneficial for both open-source and closed-source projects.

Visual Editing Capabilities

TinaCMS provides an unmatched visual editing experience. Make real-time changes and streamline the content creation process.

Markdown Support

TinaCMS supports markdown content, simplifying the process of content creation and management. Markdown provides a straightforward and accessible method of creating content.

Unleash the power of TinaCMS

Experience a new level of content management with TinaCMS.

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