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Configure TinaCMS to work with your MDX files and create a tailored UI for your components.

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Unlock the full potential of your MDX files with a CMS that can be tailored to your components. Enhance your developer experience and create more dynamic content.

Tailored CMS for MDX

Configure TinaCMS to seamlessly work with your MDX files.

MDX Component UI

Register your MDX components with TinaCMS to create a UI that matches your needs.

Dynamic Content

Create more dynamic and interactive content with the power of MDX and the flexibility of TinaCMS.

Enhanced Developer Experience

Reduce the complexity of handling MDX files and improve your developer workflow with TinaCMS.

Efficient Content Management

Manage your MDX-based content more efficiently with TinaCMS's user-friendly interface.

Open Source Frontend

TinaCMS's frontend codebase is open-source, backed by a vibrant community and regular updates.

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