TinaCMS + Hugo = ❤️

Harness the strength of Markdown and Git to enhance your Hugo projects with TinaCMS.

Bring TinaCMS into Your Hugo Workflow

Integrate TinaCMS into your Hugo projects and enjoy the advantages of markdown content, shortcodes support, and Git-backed version control.

Markdown Support

Easily create and manage content with Markdown, a format perfectly suited for Hugo. TinaCMS simplifies the process and enhances productivity.

Shortcodes Support

Leverage the power of shortcodes for your Hugo site. With TinaCMS, you can configure shortcodes to meet the specific needs of your project.

Git-Backed Version Control

With TinaCMS, all your content is stored in Git, providing the best version control system. This makes tracking changes and managing different versions a breeze.

Open Source Frontend

TinaCMS's frontend is open-source, enabling you to adapt the CMS to your specific needs and benefiting from regular community-driven updates.

Amazing Developer Experience

TinaCMS enhances the developer experience with a seamless local development workflow. Changes to content and schema can be merged in a single commit.

Flexible and Customizable

TinaCMS offers a high level of flexibility and customization options, allowing you to shape your Hugo project to fit your unique requirements.

Boost Your Hugo Project

Experience the benefits of TinaCMS for your Hugo workflow.

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