A CMS With Version Control Built-in

Tina is a fully open-source headless CMS that supports Git

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Own Your Content

Don't lock your content in a 3rd-party service. Tina writes to files in your repository (MDX, Markdown, JSON, etc)

title: Collaborate With Your Team
Online tools help drive your business forward.
Reach new audiences and collaborate with your
team – **All in the cloud.**
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An API for your Content

Easily fetch your file-based content using Tina's Data Layer

query {
post(relativePath: "about.mdx") {

Configure with Code

Tina is code-first and fully typed. Define your CMS in the Tina config file in your repository

const tinaConfig = defineConfig({
schema: {
collections: [
name: 'doc',
label: 'Docs',
path: 'content/docs',
fields: [
name: 'title',
label: 'Title',
type: 'string',
type: 'rich-text',
name: 'body',
label: 'Body',
isBody: true,
// ...

Loved by Developers

I tried a dozen CMSs and I have to say, as an engineer, I like Tina the most.

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Peter Rusin

September 5, 2023

It’s absolutely amazing. Its so simple to install, the typed NextJS integration is amazing, the live editor is as good as it gets. And compared to other CMSs, the admin is incredibly easy for editors to understand and use.

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Dave Keen

@ccapndaveJune 2, 2023

Loving Tina CMS so far. It is exactly what I’ve been looking for.

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@vatosteveJanuary 30, 2023

Been running a project with Tina for a few months now and we absolutely love it. I had been looking for a CMS that let us build our sites the way we wanted to while letting the non-techies edit the content in a visual and painless way, and Tina just lets you do that.

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@david.oviedoJuly 30, 2023

We really liked using Tina and we will definitely suggest it to clients in the future. Tina's in-context editor cannot be beaten. We are actually planning on using it for our new website as well, so we’re all in on it.

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Sean Pearce

March 30, 2023

Just found this and I think I am already in love.

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Billy Best

@billybest5276August 6, 2023

Just tried out click-to-edit and wanted to let you know it's really awesome, great feature, super easy to use and to setup, love that it's fully typed and works passed down as a prop, kinda feels like magic tbh.

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@mravecJune 14, 2023

@tinacms is a dream come true.

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@rascode11December 6, 2022

"Tina is transforming the way we do docs at Unity"

Anton Iancu, Product Engineering Manager for AI and Docs

Merge With Confidence

Tina Cloud Enterprise customers can review, approve, and manage content on different branches

Unbeatable UX

Editing content in Markdown, MDX, and JSON files doesn't need to feel clunky. Tina supports a live preview that takes the UX to the next level

Visual Editing

See content changes in real-time as you edit.

Fully Open-Source

Tina is licensed under Apache 2.0. It can be self-hosted or hosted on Tina Cloud.

Develop Locally

Run Tina locally and talk to your local filesystem.

3rd-party Media

Store Media assets in your repo or connect to S3, Cloudinary, etc.

Composable Blocks

Create reusable components that you can edit with Tina. Let your team assemble pages like a site-builder.

Markdown at Scale

Tina powers sites with 10’s of thousands of pages with great performance.