Goodbye, Hello TinaCMS

The team is focused on building TinaCMS, the next iteration of our vision. See the migration guide or test it with the following command.


How are Tina and Forestry different?

Forestry and Tina share a lot in common but there are some key differences.

  • Tina's UI is an open-source single page application that you host with your site (i.e.
  • Tina does not have a preview button like Forestry. If previewing is needed, we recommend setting up visual editing for a live preview.
  • Tina only supports GitHub repositories at this time.
  • Tina offers an API so you can query for your content much like you would with a traditional headless CMS. This supports complex queries (filter, sort, etc), server-side rendering, client-side rendering, and incremental static regeneration.

You can see a full list of missing features between and TinaCMS here.

How do I migrate my site from Forestry to Tina?

To migrate a Forestry site to Tina, see this migration guide or video walkthrough

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