Tina Cloud is in public beta. Get Started

Once you've created a project within the Tina Cloud Dashboard it's ready to be used within your site. By doing so, your project's editors will be able to save content to your project's repository, right from your site.

Switching to production mode.

In the Contextual Editing doc, we showed you how the Tina context is setup on your site. We just need to tweak a few values to make our site editable in production

// pages/_app.js
import TinaCMS from 'tinacms'

const App = ({ Component, pageProps }) => {
  return (
      // ...
      // Your app identifier when connecting to Tina Cloud
      // Specify the git branch
      {livePageProps => <Component {...livePageProps} />}

export default App


Switching this to false, means that we'll talk to Tina Cloud's hosted API instead of talking to localhost to load/save its content while in edit-mode.


This is your identifier for your Tina Cloud project. It can be retrieved by going to app.tina.io, and looking at your project's configuration.


This is the branch in which we will load/save content to/from while in edit-mode. This can be a dynamic value if you'd like to implement a more complex branching, or can be fixed.