Ship Great Content, Faster

Tina Cloud is a Headless CMS Backed by Git

Collaborate With the Team

Onboard your team; no GitHub accounts required. Tina Cloud brings user-management, auth, roles, and a GraphQL API for your content.

Move Faster With Tina Cloud

Visual editing and Git storage allows you to ship content faster with the safety of version-control.


The Tina Content API provides a GraphQL interface to your repositories files where content is stored in open formats like Markdown and JSON, allowing for easy content re-use and migrations.

Robust Content Models

Tina promotes a document-oriented approach to content models. This means repeatable or nested structures like blocks can be stored with the page’s complete data, resulting in more straightforward content queries and operations.

Edit Content, Not Code

Make changes in context and see them in real-time. Hit save and let Tina handle the commit for you.