TinaCMS V1.1.4

January 31, 2023

By James O'Halloran

TinaCMS Version 1.1.4 (and @tinacms/cli@1.0.7) adds the ability to store content in separate repo's, improvements to the rich-text field, adds the ability to rename documents, and several other bug fixes.

Storing Content in a Separate Repo

Tina now supports sourcing content from a separate Git repo. With this approach you can continue to define your Tina config in your "website repo", but documents will be saved elsewhere.

Read our guide for setting this up here

Renaming Documents

Editors can now rename documents from the document list view

Renaming Document

Rich-text editor improvements

Several improvements have been made to the rich-text editor to better safe-guard against MDX parsing errors.

  • Form is blocked from saving when rich-text errors are introduced
  • Line numbers added to raw-editor
  • Errors easier to find in raw-editor
  • Rich-text error links to raw-mode editor
  • Fix bug where switching from raw-mode to rich-text editor with errors would lose unsaved changes.


Other fixes & improvements

  • Forms can now be saved with ctrl/cmd-s (Thanks @Maxobat!)
  • Fix issue where deeply nested template objects inside field objects weren't transformed on save properly
  • Fix issue where user could not save top level empty array
  • Fix issue with billing warning showing when not logged in
  • Don't clog CI logs with spinners
  • More improvements to Forestry.io migration tool
  • Fix bug where 2 versions of Graphql could be installed

Last Edited: January 31, 2023