TinaCMS V1.1.3

January 11, 2023

By James O'Halloran

TinaCMS Version 1.1.3 (and @tinacms/cli@1.0.6) brings some improvements for various frameworks, and list-field improvements.

Improved Shortcode Support

The user can now model a shortcode like so:

name: "rimg",
label: "rimg",
match: {
start: "{{<",
end: ">}}",
fields: [
name: "myprop",
label: "my prop",
type: "string",

outputs <<% rimg myprop="" %>>

Previously, this would match any content within {{< and >}}. Now, this will only match when the name of the shortcode also matches.

Editors will also be able to edit fields in the shortcodes individually, instead of through a global text field.

See here for more info.

Min/Max Support in list fields

The field UI object now accepts a min and max when the field is list: true. If the list/group list/block field is at the max or min value, the add or remove buttons are disabled.

TOML & YML Support

Customizable Frontmatter Format Updates

Collections can now specify { frontmatterFormat: 'toml' | 'yaml' | 'json' } and {frontmatterDelimiters: string | [string, string] }.

This allows the user to have more control of how their frontmatter is parsed.

yaml and toml Document Formats

In a collection format can now be yaml or toml.

Other Improvements & Fixes

  • Errors on list field now show below field
  • Error styles updated
  • Minor form styling fixes

Last Edited: January 11, 2023